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April Update:

Over the Eid holidays, our team embarked on a meaningful initiative to combat the devastating effects of deforestation and desertification in Yola. Partnering closely with local communities, we orchestrated a tree-planting campaign across three neighbourhoods. Our primary goal was to contribute to urban afforestation efforts while empowering residents to reclaim their environment.

The initiative began with collaboration "workshops" with community members who play an integral role in identifying suitable planting locations and expressing preferences for tree species. Drawing on their insights, we offered technical guidance to ensure the selection of trees that would thrive and sustainably benefit the region in the long term.

In total, we planted 146 trees comprising three native species: Mango, Guava, and Java Plum. These fruit-bearing trees were chosen based on the community's preference, symbolizing not only environmental renewal but also potential economic opportunities for residents.

The reception from locals was inspiring and encouraging, reflecting their deep awareness of the environmental challenges facing the region. The enthusiasm for the initiative was palpable. We planted within private residential compounds and collaborated with relevant authorities to plan in public spaces further integrating the project into the fabric of community life.

Crucially, residents demonstrated a profound sense of ownership and commitment to nurturing the newly planted trees. We then established communication channels with community representatives to ensure ongoing monitoring and support for the tree's health and growth. This initiative represents just the beginning of our long-term commitment to environmental restoration in Yola and beyond.

Deforestation and desertification may have wrought havoc on the Sahel, but through collaborative action, we believe in our capacity to effect positive change. With your continued support, we remain steadfast in our mission to restore balance to our ecosystems and build a better, greener world for all. Together, we can turn the tide of environmental degradation and create a future defined by resilience and abundance.


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