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Yola North in Adamawa, northeast Nigeria
Our Work

We work to address the desertification problem in Adamawa State and the northeast region of Nigeria. Our projects rely on strong community involvement, strategic planning, and an overall comprehensive approach.

We plant and nurture a diverse range of native trees across the region, focusing on areas vulnerable to desertification and urban spaces suffering from severe heat island effects.

By promoting tree planting and environmental conservation, our projects seek to restore degraded landscapes, increase vegetation cover, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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What we do?

We implement comprehensive tree-planting campaigns to combat desertification and deforestation. Thereby improving social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Wild Berries


An Evergreen Approach
Planting a Tree

Identification of Suitable Areas for Tree Planting

We conduct comprehensive assessments to determine regions most affected by desertification and in need of reforestation

Tree planting and sustainable maintanance 

We initiate robust tree planting programs to reflect the urgency and scale required to combat desertification and deforestation.

Collection and Propagation of Tree Seedlings

We collect and propagate a diverse range of tree focusing primarily on species that are native to the region. 

Strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders

We coordinate with relevent development agencies, public and provate entities to ensure the sustainablity of our projects.

Training and participation of local community members

We directly engage with local communities training and educate people in tree planting techniques and maintenance practices.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

We incorporate a comprehensive MEAL framework throughtout our project to aid impact assesment and necessary knowledge transfer.

Where We Work

En Aawa is currently working with community members in Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria. The region is particularly vulnerable due to low and erratic rainfall leading to soil erosion, loss of vegetation cover, and decreased agricultural productivity. Nigeria loses approximately 350,000 hectares of land to desertification annually, with northeast Nigeria being the most affected.






Michika - Madagali

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Why We Do It?

Organic Garden
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Social Development

To create sustainable livelihood opportunities for the local communities by engaging community members in decision-making and project implementation.

View from the Top
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Environmental Sustainability

To help mitigate the effects of climate change by increasing vegetation cover and biodiversity in the region, thereby increasing carbon sequestration and improving ecologies. 

Green Crops
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Economic Prospertity

To create jobs and boost the local economy, by providing employment opportunities for people involved in planting, maintaining, and harvesting the tree seedlings

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