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Yola North in Adamawa, Northeast Nigeria

Ten Million Trees

"Step by step, tree by tree, we will create this great park of 10 million trees.

Even if it takes 10 million years"

- Thomas Sankara

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Collaborative Partnerships

Forging partnerships with local communities, governmental organizations, academic institutions, and corporate entities to pool resources, expertise, and networks. By collaborating, we can maximize our impact and leverage diverse perspectives and resources for more effective afforestation efforts.

You are the key.

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About Us

En Aawa Trees Foundation is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to combating desertification and deforestation.

We believe that by actively engaging in afforestation initiatives, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for generations.

We aim to reverse the catastrophic effects of desertification and deforestation across the Sahel. 

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For People and Planet
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Trees Planted

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Communities Engaged

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Lives Touched

We are just getting started
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We are working with communities towards achieving social, environmental, and economic sustainability. 

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Become a partner

One of the best ways to positively impact our planet is by planting trees. Reach out to find out how you/your organisation can contribute.

Where We Work
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